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  1. Research article

    Performance of imaging studies in patients with suspected appendicitis after stratification with adult appendicitis score

    Diagnostic scoring is used to stratify patients with suspected appendicitis into three groups: high, intermediate, and low probability of appendicitis. The stratification can be used for selective imaging to a...

    Henna E. Sammalkorpi, Ari Leppäniemi, Eila Lantto and Panu Mentula

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2017 12:6

    Published on: 31 January 2017

  2. Research article

    An investigation of bedside laparoscopy in the ICU for cases of non-occlusive mesenteric ischemia

    Acute mesenteric ischemia is a rare affection with high related mortality. NOMI presents the most important diagnostic problems and is related with the higher risk of white laparotomy. This study wants to give...

    G. Cocorullo, A. Mirabella, N. Falco, T. Fontana, R. Tutino, L. Licari, G. Salamone, G. Scerrino and G. Gulotta

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2017 12:4

    Published on: 18 January 2017

  3. Review

    Pelvic trauma: WSES classification and guidelines

    Complex pelvic injuries are among the most dangerous and deadly trauma related lesions. Different classification systems exist, some are based on the mechanism of injury, some on anatomic patterns and some are...

    Federico Coccolini, Philip F. Stahel, Giulia Montori, Walter Biffl, Tal M Horer, Fausto Catena, Yoram Kluger, Ernest E. Moore, Andrew B. Peitzman, Rao Ivatury, Raul Coimbra, Gustavo Pereira Fraga, Bruno Pereira, Sandro Rizoli, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Ari Leppaniemi…

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2017 12:5

    Published on: 18 January 2017

  4. Research article

    Preventive transarterial embolization in upper nonvariceal gastrointestinal bleeding

    Transarterial embolization (TAE) is a therapeutic option for patients with a high risk of recurrent bleeding after endoscopic haemostasis. The aim of our prospective study was a preliminary assessment of the s...

    Aleksejs Kaminskis, Aina Kratovska, Sanita Ponomarjova, Anna Tolstova, Maksims Mukans, Solvita Stabiņa, Raivis Gailums, Andrejs Bernšteins, Patricija Ivanova, Viesturs Boka and Guntars Pupelis

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2017 12:3

    Published on: 13 January 2017

  5. Research article

    Youth traffic-related injuries: a prospective study

    Traffic-related injuries are the most common cause of morbidity and mortality of the youth. Our aim was to study epidemiology, risk factors and outcome of hospitalized youth patients injured in road traffic co...

    Michal Grivna, Hani O. Eid and Fikri M. Abu-Zidan

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2017 12:2

    Published on: 5 January 2017

  6. Research article

    Lower gastrointestinal bleeding—Computed Tomographic Angiography, Colonoscopy or both?

    Lower endoscopy (LE) is the standard diagnostic modality for lower gastrointestinal bleeding (LGIB). Conversely, computed tomographic angiography (CTA) offers an immediate non-invasive diagnosis visualizing th...

    Daniel Clerc, Fabian Grass, Markus Schäfer, Alban Denys, Nicolas Demartines and Martin Hübner

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2017 12:1

    Published on: 3 January 2017

  7. Research article

    Laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute calculous cholecystitis: a retrospective study assessing risk factors for conversion and complications

    The purpose of the study was to identify risk factors for conversion of laparoscopic cholecystectomy and risk factors for postoperative complications in acute calculous cholecystitis. The most common complicat...

    Petra Maria Terho, Ari Kalevi Leppäniemi and Panu Juhani Mentula

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:54

    Published on: 16 November 2016

  8. Erratum

    Erratum to: 2016 WSES guidelines on acute calculous cholecystitis

    L. Ansaloni, M. Pisano, F. Coccolini, A. B. Peitzmann, A. Fingerhut, F. Catena, F. Agresta, A. Allegri, I. Bailey, Z. J. Balogh, C. Bendinelli, W. Biffl, L. Bonavina, G. Borzellino, F. Brunetti, C. C. Burlew…

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:52

    Published on: 4 November 2016

    The original article was published in World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:25

  9. Research article

    Triple diagnostics for early detection of ambivalent necrotizing fasciitis

    Necrotizing fasciitis is an uncommon, rapidly progressive and potential lethal condition. Over the last decade time to surgery decreased and outcome improved, most likely due to increased awareness and more ti...

    Falco Hietbrink, Lonneke G. Bode, Louis Riddez, Luke P. H. Leenen and Marijke R. van Dijk

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:51

    Published on: 11 October 2016

  10. Review

    WSES classification and guidelines for liver trauma

    The severity of liver injuries has been universally classified according to the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) grading scale. In determining the optimal treatment strategy, however, the ...

    Federico Coccolini, Fausto Catena, Ernest E. Moore, Rao Ivatury, Walter Biffl, Andrew Peitzman, Raul Coimbra, Sandro Rizoli, Yoram Kluger, Fikri M. Abu-Zidan, Marco Ceresoli, Giulia Montori, Massimo Sartelli, Dieter Weber, Gustavo Fraga, Noel Naidoo…

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:50

    Published on: 10 October 2016

  11. Research article

    In-hospital costs of an admission for adhesive small bowel obstruction

    Previous research on the costs of treatment for ASBO is outdated and often based on reimbursements, rather than true healthcare provider costs of the admission and related interventions. An accurate estimate o...

    Pepijn Krielen, Barend A. van den Beukel, Martijn W. J. Stommel, Harry van Goor, Chema Strik and Richard P. G. ten Broek

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:49

    Published on: 6 October 2016

  12. Research article

    Validity of predictive factors of acute complicated appendicitis

    Our previous retrospective study revealed the three preoperative predictors of complicated appendicitis (perforated or gangrenous appendicitis), which are body temperature ≥37.4 °C, C-reactive protein ≥4.7 mg/...

    Yuki Imaoka, Toshiyuki Itamoto, Yuji Takakura, Takahisa Suzuki, Satoshi Ikeda and Takashi Urushihara

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:48

    Published on: 26 September 2016

  13. Research article

    Prediction of blunt traumatic injuries and hospital admission based on history and physical exam

    We evaluated the ability of experienced trauma surgeons to accurately predict specific blunt injuries, as well as patient disposition from the emergency department (ED), based only on the initial clinical eval...

    Alan L. Beal, Mark N. Ahrendt, Eric D. Irwin, John W. Lyng, Steven V. Turner, Christopher A. Beal, Matthew T. Byrnes and Greg A. Beilman

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:46

    Published on: 31 August 2016

  14. Methodology

    Ex-vivo and live animal models are equally effective training for the management of a penetrating cardiac injury

    Live tissue models are considered the most useful simulation for training in the management for hemostasis of penetrating injuries. However, these models are expensive, with limited opportunities for repetitiv...

    Yoshimitsu Izawa, Shuji Hishikawa, Tomohiro Muronoi, Keisuke Yamashita, Hiroyuki Maruyama, Masayuki Suzukawa and Alan Kawarai Lefor

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:45

    Published on: 31 August 2016

  15. Research article

    Laparoscopic versus open appendectomy: a retrospective cohort study assessing outcomes and cost-effectiveness

    Appendectomy is the most common surgical procedure performed in emergency surgery. Because of lack of consensus about the most appropriate technique, appendectomy is still being performed by both open (OA) and...

    Antonio Biondi, Carla Di Stefano, Francesco Ferrara, Angelo Bellia, Marco Vacante and Luigi Piazza

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:44

    Published on: 30 August 2016

  16. Review

    Laparoscopic lavage versus resection in perforated diverticulitis with purulent peritonitis: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

    Purulent peritonitis from acute left colon diverticulitis is a relatively common presentation of diverticular disease; historically the treatment was the Hartmann procedure. Laparoscopic peritoneal lavage has ...

    Marco Ceresoli, Federico Coccolini, Giulia Montori, Fausto Catena, Massimo Sartelli and Luca Ansaloni

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:42

    Published on: 30 August 2016

  17. Research article

    Retrospective one-million-subject fixed-cohort survey of utilization of emergency departments due to traumatic causes in Taiwan, 2001–2010

    Epidemiological study was needed to evaluate trends in emergency department (ED) utilization that could be taken into account when making policy decisions regarding the delivery and distribution of medical res...

    Nan-Ping Yang, Dinh-Van Phan, Yi-Hui Lee, Jin-Chyr Hsu, Ren-Hao Pan, Chien-Lung Chan, Nien-Tzu Chang and Dachen Chu

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:41

    Published on: 30 August 2016

  18. Review

    Emergency abdominal surgery after solid organ transplantation: a systematic review

    Due to the increasing number of solid organs transplantations, emergency abdominal surgery in transplanted patients is becoming a relevant challenge for the general surgeon. The aim of this systematic review o...

    Nicola de’Angelis, Francesco Esposito, Riccardo Memeo, Vincenzo Lizzi, Aleix Martìnez-Pérez, Filippo Landi, Pietro Genova, Fausto Catena, Francesco Brunetti and Daniel Azoulay

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:43

    Published on: 30 August 2016

  19. Research article

    Geriatric Assessment as a qualification element for elective and emergency cholecystectomy in older patients

    Older patients experience a higher incidence of postoperative complications after cholecystectomy compared with younger patients. However, most studies have not considered patient frailty, particularly regardi...

    Jakub Kenig, Piotr Wałęga, Urszula Olszewska, Aleksander Konturek and Wojciech Nowak

    World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2016 11:36

    Published on: 29 July 2016

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