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Table 1 Summary of our recommendations regarding the emergency use of laparoscopy.

From: Emergency laparoscopy – current best practice

Trauma Penetrating Trauma to Abdominal Wall Diaphragmatic injury repair Cautious recommendations
  Evaluation of potential diaphragmatic injuries Haemostasis of minor visceral injury  
Perforated PUD No Probably More research required
Acute Cholecystitis No Yes Within 72 hours of presentation
Appendicitis Yes (females)
Unclear (Males and Children)
Yes To be left in-situ if other pathology found
Gynaecological Emergencies Yes Yes Ectopic Pregnancy
    Ovarian Cyst Torsion
Pancreatitis No No Immediate Surgery
   Yes Necrosectomy and pseudocyst drainage
   Immediate Lap. Cholecystectomy. Mild Gallstone Pancreatitis
   Delayed Lap. Chole after urgent ERCP Severe Gallstone Pancreatitis
Mesenteric Ischaemia No No -
Acute Diverticulitis No No Perhaps, in extremis where patient is too ill for laparotomy
Incarcerated Hernia No No -
Small Bowel Obstruction No No -
Non-Specific Abdominal Pain Yes Yes -