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Table 2 Surgical techniques performed by the participants during the practical section of the course

From: Initial evaluation of the "Trauma surgery course"

Abdominal lesion recognition Liver parenchymal suture
Abdominal aorta vascular clamping Debridement
Spleen vascular exploration and control Atypical resection of liver
Splenic parenchymal suture Liver Packing
Spleen partial resection Thoracotomy and suture of intercostals vessels
Splenectomy Thoracoabdominal aortic clamping
Renal exploration and vascular control Pulmonary parenchymal repair/resection
Kidney parenchymal suture Main bronchus Suture
Partial kidney resection Isolation and vascular control of pulmonary hilus
Nephrectomy Treatment of pericardial tamponade
Biliary tract evaluation Heart edge suture