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Table 1 Surgical risk scores classified by outcome measure and need for intra-operative information

From: Pre-operative risk scores for the prediction of outcome in elderly people who require emergency surgery

  Scores predicting mortality Scores predicting morbidity
Scores not requiring operative information ASA1 ASA
  Donati Score16 Goldman Cardiac Risk Index3
  Hardman Index38 Veltkamp Score44
  Glasgow Aneurysm Score12 VA Respiratory Failure Score45
  Sickness Assessment14 VA Pneumonia Prediction Index46
  Boey Score32  
  Hacetteppe Score34  
  Physiological POSSUM35  
Scores requiring operative information Mannheim Peritonitis Index28 POSSUM, P-POSSUM
  Reiss Index11  
  Fitness Score13  
  Cleveland Colorectal Model43  
  Surgical Risk Scale47