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Table 1 Etiology of Portal Vein Thrombosis (modified from Sobhonslidsuk A.) [4]

From: Severe bleeding from esophageal varices resistant to endoscopic treatment in a non cirrhotic patient with portal hypertension

Thrombophilic Disorders Local factors
Inherited disorders Infections/inflammation
High risk of thrombosis (low prevalence):    Neonatal omphalitis
Antithrombin III deficit    Appendicitis
   Protein C deficit    Diverticulitis
   Protein S deficit    Pancreatitis
Low risk of thrombosis (high prevalence):    Perforated peptic ulcer
   Leiden V factor mutation    Tuberculous lymphadenitis
   Factor II mutation  
Acquired disorders Portal vein injury
   Malignancy    Surgical shunts
   Myeloproliferative disorders    Splenectomy
   Use of oral contraceptives    Abdominal surgery
   Antiphospholipid syndrome    Liver transplants
   Pregnancy and postpartum    Blunt trauma
   Paroxysmal nocturnal  
Mixed disorders Cancer of the abdominal organs Cirrhosis