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Table 1 Comparison of StO2 levels at presentation and after resuscitation maneuvers.

From: Near-infrared spectroscopy-derived tissue oxygen saturation in battlefield injuries: a case series report

Injury Initial StO2 Resuscitation Maneuver Post resuscitation StO2
Bilateral lower extremity IED 60 2 LR, 2 PRBCs 78
IED blast, right leg, left flank 51 2 LR, 1 PRBCs 71
GSW left thigh 54 1 LR 88
Abdominal compartment syndrome 62 Open abdomen 91
Bilateral lower extremity IED 51 1 LR 76
GSW abdomen 50 1 LR 82
GSW right arm 55 0.5 LR (9 y/o) 76
Blast injury 1 CPR 1
  1. Eight patients with StO2 levels measured at presentation and after initial resuscitation. LR: lactated ringers (expressed in liters); PRBCs: packed red blood cells (expressed in units); IED: improvised explosive device; GSW: gunshot wound; CPR: cardiopulmonary resuscitation.