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Table 2 Review of reported coronary artery dissections, treatment strategies, and outcomes

From: Dissection of the left main coronary artery after blunt thoracic trauma: Case report and literature review

Author/Journal Patient age/sex Mechanism Injury Treatment Outcome
Redondo, et al [11]
Am J Emerg Surg, 2009
45 yo F Motor vehicle collision LMCA-focal stenotic dissection; RCA dissection Angioplasty and heparin Death secondary to intra-abdominal hemorrhage
Goyal, et al. [12]
Heart, 2009
47 yo M Motor vehicle collision LMCA extending to LAD dissection Unknown (no thrombolytics) unknown
Harada, et al. [8]
Ann Thorac Surg, 2002
14 yo M Motorcycle collision LMCA dissection with left ventricular aneurysm Supportive care with surgical patch angioplasty and anuerysmectomy, mitral valvuloplasty and tricuspid annuloplasty 3 weeks later Discharge to home; doing well 4 years post-operatively
Cini, et al [15]
Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg, 2008
43 yo F Spontaneous LMCA dissection Surgical revascularization Discharge home
Rogers, et al
Clin Cardiol, 2007
37 yo F
Spontaneous LMCA with LAD involvement Surgical revascularization Discharge home
Hazeleger, et al. [5]
Circulation, 2001
29 yo M Tackled in football 2 months prior to arrival LAD dissection; OM dissection Stent Discharge home
Smayra, et al. [10]
Am J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg, 2007
17 yo M Unrestrained motor vehicle collision 1 month prior to symptoms LAD dissection Surgical revascularization Discharge home
Korach, et al [9]
Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg, 2008
40 yo M Pedestrian struck by automobile LAD dissection Surgical revascularization Discharge home
Leong & Brown [7]
Emerg Med J, 2006
50 yo M Motorcycle collision LAD dissection Bare metal stent + angioplasty after thrombosis Discharge home
Boland, et al. [13]
Chest, 1988
32 yo F Motor vehicle collision at 15 mph 3 days prior to admission LAD & LCx dissection Surgical revascularization Discharge home
Vogiatzis, et al. [16]
Hellenic J Cardiol, 2010
31 yo F (pregnant) Spontaneous LCx dissection Conservative treatment without revascularization Discharge home
Greenberg, et al. [4]
Chest, 1998
35 yo F Water-skiing 2 days prior to arrival Circumflex artery dissection with moderate occlusion Angiogram without intervention Death due to brain death secondary to Vfib arrest prior to emergency department arrival
De Macedo, et al. [17]
J Invasive Cardiol, 2009
34 yo M Spontaneous RCA dissection Stent, heparin, clopidogrel, tirofiban, aspirin Discharge home
Emerg Med J, 2006
32 yo M Elbow to chest in basketball RCA dissection Eptifibitide and heparin, stent X2 Discharge home
  1. Table 2 Abbreviations: LAD: left anterior descending artery; LCx: left circumflex artery; RCA: right coronary artery; LMCA: left main coronary artery; OM: obtuse marginal artery; Vfib: ventricular fibrillation