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Table 1 Patients with isolated extrahepatic bile duct rupture due to blunt abdominal trauma: 34 cases

From: Isolated extrahepatic bile duct rupture: a rare consequence of blunt abdominal trauma. Case report and review of the literature

Author Patient age (yr) Mechanism of injury Location of ductal injury
Nikishin [8] 3 Run over by auto RHD
Plewes [9] 6 Run over by auto CBD
Turney [10] 39 Steering wheel CBD
Review: 20 patients - - CBD
Shorthouse [11] 8 Iron bar fell over abdomen CBD
Janss [12] 30 Steering wheel CBD
Rohatgi [13] 10 Fall onto handlebar CBD
Bourque [4] 3 Sledding accident CBD
Kim [14] 17 Fall onto handlebar CBD
Drabble [15] 14 Motor vehicle accident CBD
Gerndt [16] 20 Rollover motor vehicle crash RHD
  19 Rollover motor vehicle crash LHD
Krishnamurthy [17] 38 Assault with sticks and iron rods CBD
Ramia [18] 36 Accidental fall in her bath CBD
D’Amata [19] 24 - CBD
  1. Abbreviations: CBD, common bile duct; LHD, left hepatic duct; RHD, right hepatic duct.