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Table 1 Reported cases of anorectal avulsion

From: Anorectal avulsion: an exceptional rectal trauma

Authors Year Title Management of the anorectal avulsion
Mathieson, A. J et al. 1965 Rupture of the posterior urethra and avulsion of the rectum and anus as a complication of fracture of the pelvis Primary repair + presacral drainage + sigmoid loop colostomy
Sharma D. et al 2000 Anorectal avulsion: an unusual rectal injury Primary repair + presacral drainage + sigmoid loop colostomy
Terrosu G. et al 2011 Anal avulsion caused by abdominal crush injury Anal reimplantation + pelvic drainage tubes + loop transverse colostomy
Rispoli C. et al. 2012 Anorectal avulsion: Management of a rare rectal trauma Direct suture not possible sigmoid loop colostomy + presacral drainage + anoperineal reparation 10 weeks later
R. M. Gomesa et al 2013 Anorectal avulsion: report of a rare case of rectal injury diverting sigmoid loop colostomy (primary repair not possible)