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Table 1 Canadian CT head rule and New Orleans Criteria

From: Comparison of the Canadian CT head rule and the new orleans criteria in patients with minor head injury

Canadian CT Head Rule High risk (for neurosurgical interventions) New Orleans Criteria
• GCS score, 15 at two hours after injury • Headache
• Suspected open or depressed skull fracture • Vomiting
• Any sign of basal skull fracture (hemotympanum, “panda” eyes, cerebrospinal fluid otorrhoea, Battle’s sign). • Older than 60 years
• Vomiting more than once • Drug or alcohol intoxication
• Age >65 years • Persistent anterograde amnesia (deficits in short-term memory)
Medium risk (for brain injury on CT)  
• Persistent retrograde amnesia of greater than 30 minutes • Visible trauma above the clavicle
• Dangerous mechanism of injury (pedestrian struck by vehicle, ejection from vehicle, fall from greater than three feet or five stairs) • Seizure