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Table 4 Pathological classification of acute cholecystitis in the H and MD treatment groups (according to definitions of the Tokyo Guidelines)

From: The HAC trial (harmonic for acute cholecystitis): a randomized, double-blind, controlled trial comparing the use of harmonic scalpel to monopolar diathermy for laparoscopic cholecystectomy in cases of acute cholecystitis

  H-mediated VLC MD-mediated VLC P*
  (21 patients) (21 patients)  
Edematous cholecystitis: first stage 6 (28.5%) 5 (23.8%) ns*
Necrotizing cholecystitis: second stage 13 (61.9%) 15 (71.4%) ns*
Suppurative cholecystitis: third stage 2 (9.5%) 1 (4.7%) ns*
  1. *chi-square test.