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Table 7 The main characteristics of anti MRSA drugs used for SSIs

From: Focus on the prophylaxis, epidemiology and therapy of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus surgical site infections and a position paper on associated risk factors: the perspective of an Italian group of surgeons

Antibiotic Battericidal activity/Pharmacodynamic/anti-biofilm activity Route of administration Doses Adverse events Interaction Cost (70 kg)
Teicoplanin Bactericidal with low MIC/time dependent/none iv im 7-10 mg/Kg die, loading dose Renal toxicicty None 50–70 E/die
Vancomycin Bactericidal with low MIC/time dependent/none Iv 1 g x 2 die
500 mg x 4 die
Renal toxicicty Other nephrotoxic drugs 5 E/die
Daptomycin Bactericidal/concentration dependent/yes Iv 4–6 mg/kg Tossicità muscolare Statine 80–120 E/die
Linezolid Bacteriostatic/time dependent/none Iv/oral 1200 mg die Bome marrow toxicity, neuropathy, serotoninergic syndrome SSRI 120 E/die
Tigecycline Bacteriostatic/time dependent/partial Iv 50 mg x 2 die; 100 mg loading dose Nausea, vomit, pancreatitis None 120 E/die
Ceftaroline Bactericidal/time dependent/none Iv 600 mg x 2 die rash None 96 E/die
Dalbavancin Bactericidal/concentration dependent/partial (in association with rifampin) Iv 1000 mg giorno 1, 500 mg giorno 7 No None NA
Cotrimoxazole Bactericidal/time dependent/none Iv, oral 800/160 mg 3 times a dai anemia None 15 E/die
Rifampin Bactericidal/time dependent/yes Iv/oral 600 mg once a day Liver toxicity Several 6 E/die