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Table 1 Key questions and key words used to develop the Consensus Conference on Acute Appendicitis (AA)

From: WSES Jerusalem guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of acute appendicitis

Key questions Key words
1. Diagnostic efficiency of clinical scoring systems Diagnostic efficiency of clinical scoring systems and their role in the management of patients with suspected appendicitis - can they be used as basis for a structured management? Derivation OR clinical OR predict OR decision AND rule OR algorithm OR tool OR model OR score OR indicator OR validation OR criteria AND appendicitis
2. Role of imaging Routine vs selective imaging? CT or US or both? In what order? Diagnosis OR imaging AND selective OR routine AND ultrasound OR computed AND tomography OR US OR CT OR MRI AND adult OR child OR pregnant AND appendicitis
3. Non-operative treatment for uncomplicated appendicitis. What is the natural history of appendicitis? Can appendicitis resolve without treatment? How common is it? Uncomplicated AND appendicitis AND pathogenesis OR antibiotics OR nonoperative OR conservative OR spontaneous AND resolution or self-limiting AND treatment OR management
4. Timing of appendectomy and in-hospital delay Does in-hospital delay increasethe rate of complication or perforation? Is it safe to delay appendectomy? Timing of appendectomy Appendectomy AND delay OR perforation OR complication OR indicator OR criteria AND appendicitis
5. Surgical treatment -open or laparoscopic? -lavage or aspiration of pus? -drains? -ligation or invagination of the stump? -primary or secondary closure of the wound? Surgery OR operative OR laparoscopy OR open OR treatment OR management AND elder OR comorbidities OR obese OR child OR pregnant AND complicated OR perforated OR abscess AND lavage OR aspiration OR suction OR drain OR mesoappendix OR sealing OR monopolar OR bipolar OR staple OR endoloop OR stump OR invagination OR ligation AND appendicitis
6. Scoring systems for intra-operative grading of appendicitis and their clinical usefulness What are the histopathological criteria for appendicitis of clinical importance? Minor inflammatory changes, early appendicitis, catarrhal appendicitis. The criteria used will have an influence on the proportion of negative appendectomy, and also on evaluation of diagnostic performance. intra-operative AND grade OR score OR indicator OR criteria AND histopathology OR macroscopic AND diagnosis OR surgeon AND experience AND appendicitis
7. Non-surgical treatment of complicated appendicitis: abscess or phlegmone Role of percutaneous drainage and Interval Appendectomy or immediate surgery. Abscess OR phlegmon AND drain OR percutaneous OR interval AND appendectomy AND conservative OR nonsurgical AND treatment OR management AND complicated AND appendicitis
8. Preoperative and Postoperative Antibiotics Should Preoperative antibiotics prophylaxis be given? What antibiotics? When should postoperative antibiotics be given? What antibiotics? Duration? Antibiotic OR antimicrobial OR infection OR prophylaxis OR therapy OR treatment AND appendectomy OR surgery AND time OR day OR range OR duration AND complicated OR uncomplicated AND intravenous OR oral AND appendicitis