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Table 4 Newly proposed Multi-Detector CT (MDCT) grading system, reproduced from Marmery et al. (2007)

From: Splenic artery embolization: technically feasible but not necessarily advantageous

I  Subcapsular hematoma < 1-cm thick
 Laceration < 1 cm deep into parenchyma
II  Subcapsular hematoma 1–3-cm thick
 Parenchymal hematoma 1–3-cm diameter
 Laceration 1–3 cm deep into parenchyma
III  Splenic capsular disruption
 Subcapsular hematoma > 3-cm thick
 Parenchymal hematoma > 3-cm diameter
 Laceration > 3 cm deep into parenchyma
IVa  Active intraparenchymal and subcapsular splenic bleeding
 Splenic vascular injury (pseudoaneurysm or arteriovenous fistula)
 Shattered spleen
IVb  Active intraperitoneal bleeding