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Table 4 Independent risk factors for complications based on stepwise forward logistic regression

From: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute calculous cholecystitis: a retrospective study assessing risk factors for conversion and complications

Risk factor OR (95% CI) P
Age over 65 years 2.1 (1.2–3.6) 0.012
Male gender 2.1 (1.2–3.7) 0.013
Impaired renal function 4.8 (1.4–17.0) 0.015
Conversion 2.3 (1.3–4.1) 0.006
  1. Variables included in the stepwise forward logistic regression analysis of risk factors for complications were age over 65 years, male gender, C-reactive protein over 150 mg/ml, diabetes, impaired renal function, previous laparotomy on the upper abdomen, duration of surgery over 90 min and conversion