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Table 1 Hinchey classification of perforated diverticulitis

From: A historical review of surgery for peritonitis secondary to acute colonic diverticulitis: from Lockhart-Mummery to evidence-based medicine

Hinchey stage Features of disease
Stage Ia Diverticulitis with a pericolic abscess
Stage IIb Diverticulitis with a distant abscess (this may be retroperitoneal or pelvic)
Stage III Purulent peritonitis
Stage IV Fecal peritonitis
  1. aStage I has been divided into Ia (phlegmon) and Ib (confined pericolic abscess)
  2. bStage II has been divided into distant abscesses amendable for percutaneous drainage (stage IIa) and complex abscesses associated with a possible fistula (stage IIb)