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Table 5 TNM staging

From: Acute appendicitis, inflammatory appendiceal mass and the risk of a hidden malignant tumor: a systematic review of the literature

Neuroendocrine tumors:  
 Tx: Primary tumor which cannot be evaluated.  
 T0: No primary tumor was found in the appendix.  
 T1: Tumor with up to 2 cm dimension.  
  T1a: Up to one centimeter.  
  T1b: Up to 2 cm.  
 T2: Greater than two up to 4 cm or with extensions to the caecum.  
 T3: Greater than 4 cm or extension to the ileum.  
 T4: Tumor invades abdominal wall or adjacent organs or perforated tumor  
 NX: Nodal staging could not be evaluated for lack of information.  
 N0: Absence of metastasis in regional lymph nodes  
 N1: Presence of metasis in regional lymph nodes  
 M0: Absence of distant metastasis  
 M1: Presence of distant metastasis  
 Stadium I: T1N0M0.  
 Stadium II: T2/T3N0M0.  
 Statium III: TN1M0 / T4N0M0.  
 Statium IV: TNM1.