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Table 5 Baseline demographic characteristics of the study patients

From: Closed Or Open after Source Control Laparotomy for Severe Complicated Intra-Abdominal Sepsis (the COOL trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Age, median (IQRa), years
Septic shockb
World Society of Emergency Surgery Sepsis Severity Scorec
Calgary PIRO Scored
GCSe, median (IQR)
APACHE IIf, median (IQR)
Arterial pH, mean (95% CI)
Base deficit, median (IQR)
Lactate, median (IQR)
INRg, median (IQR)
Temperature, mean (95% CI)
APACHE-II scoref, mean ± SDd
SOFA scoreh, mean ± SDe
Charlson Comorbidity Index scorei, median (IQR)
Worst physiologic measurements prior to randomization, median (IQR)
 Systolic blood pressure, mmHg
 Temperature (injured patients), °C
 Temperature (sepsis patients), °C
 Lactate, mmol/L
 Base deficit, mmol/L
Fluid administration prior to randomization, median (IQR)
 PRBCj, units
 FFPk, units
 PRBC/FFP ratio
 Crystalloid, L
Patient location prior to OR admission—no. (%)
 Emergency department
 Hospital ward
 Intensive care unit
Vasopressors required prior to randomization—no. (%)
Hours from sepsis diagnosis to laparotomy, median (IQR)
  1. aIQR interquartile range
  2. bSeptic shock as defined by SESPS-3 guidelines [7]
  3. cWSESSS [8]
  4. dCPIRO [43]
  5. eGCS Glasgow Coma Score
  6. fAcute Physiology And Chronic Health Evaluation II
  7. gINR international normalized ratio
  8. hSOFA Sequential Assessment of Organ Failure [110]
  9. iCharlson Comorbidity Index [111]
  10. jPRBC packed red blood cells
  11. kFFP fresh frozen plasma