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Table 3 The comparison between different triage systems to predict the ICU admission

From: Introduction of a mass burn casualty triage system in a hospital during a powder explosion disaster: a retrospective cohort study

  Triage category MBC* TTAS# START$
Sensitivity (%), 95% CI 93.9 (80.4–98.3) 87.9 (72.7–95.2) 100.0 (87.1–100.0)
Specificity (%), 95% CI 86.7 (62.1–96.3) 93.3 (70.2–98.8) 53.3 (30.1–75.2)
  1. Abbreviations: ICU intensive care unit, MBC mass burn casualty, CI confidence interval, TTAS Taiwan Triage Acuity Scale, START simple triage and rapid treatment
  2. *Triage category MBC indicates the triage categories I and II vs III in predicting ICU admission
  3. #TTAS levels 1 and 2 vs levels 3–5 in predicting ICU admission
  4. $START triage red (immediate) and yellow (delayed) vs green (minor) in predicting ICU admission