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Table 1 Studies reporting the deployment of REBOA in MAP patients by acute care surgeons

From: Resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta deployed by acute care surgeons in patients with morbidly adherent placenta: a feasible solution for two lives in peril

Author/year Study type N Provider Rem/Prop? Shock? Balloon/sheath size Access technique Deployment method Embo after REBOA Blood loss Transfusions of PRBCs REBOA-related complications Final outcome
Ordoñez 2018 CS 12 Trauma surgeon Prop No Cook CODA/12 Fr Per guided by US Fluo No 1500 ml
2 U
None All alive
Parra 2018 CR 1 Trauma surgeon Rem Yes NR NR Fluo Yes Massive bleeding Activation of the massive transfusion protocol NR Alive
Russo 2017 CR 1 Trauma surgeon Prop No ER-REBOA/7 Fr Per guided by US External landmarks No 3000 ml None None Alive
  1. NR not reported, CS case series, CR case report, Prop prophylactic, Rem remedial, Per percutaneous, Fluo fluoroscopy, U units
  2. *Median (IQR)