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Table 1 Data extracted and parameters evaluated for each selected video

From: Educational value of surgical videos on YouTube: quality assessment of laparoscopic appendectomy videos by senior surgeons vs. novice trainees

Video characteristics


Number of visualizations



Upload date and number of days online

Video length (min)

Image quality (poor, good, high definition)

Number of comments

Number of likes

Number of dislikes

Educational content

Presence of audio commentary

Presence of written commentary

Description of preoperative data (e.g., patient’s demographic, medical history, diagnostic data, imaging)

GOALS domains

Depth perception

Bimanual dexterity


Tissue handling


Overall level of difficulty

Critical view of safety (CVS) criteria

Modified for LA

Appendix exposure

Mesoappendix transection

Appendix division

Technical aspects

Patient’s positioning

Trocar placement

Overall quality assessment

Overall video quality

Overall video utility for trainees

LAP-VEGaS criteria

Authors information and video introduction

Case presentation

Demonstration of the surgical procedure

Outcomes of the procedure

Associated education content

Peer-review of surgical videos

Use of surgical video in educational curricula