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Fig. 5 | World Journal of Emergency Surgery

Fig. 5

From: Diagnosis of abdominal tuberculosis: lessons learned over 30 years: pectoral assay

Fig. 5

A 44-year-old woman presented with abdominal pain of 3 days duration. The abdomen was distended, tender, but soft. The patients had fever, leukocytosis, and raised C-reactive protein. Abdominal CT scan (a) showed multiple intra-abdominal fluid collections (yellow arrow). Green pus was aspirated under ultrasound guidance. The pus culture was negative, and the quantiferon-TB test was undetermined. Abdominal tuberculosis was suspected. A therapeutic diagnosis was successful and the size of the abscess dramatically reduced after 2 months (b). (Courtesy of Dr. Hussam Mousa, Consultant General Surgeon, Al-Ain Hospital, Al-Ain, UAE)

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