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Table 2 Factors associated with loss of functional independence at 1 year

From: Frailty and functional decline after emergency abdominal surgery in the elderly: a prospective cohort study

FactorUnivariate OR95% CIP valueMultivariable OR95% CIP value
Frail (mFFC score ≥ 3)13.002.21–76.630.00115.632.12-111.110.007
Frail (mFI–11 score > ≥34.420.84–23.120.06   
Male gender0.580.12–2.810.49   
CCI > 16.000.68–52.800.076.290.41–100.000.19
MUST score > 11.690.30–9.400.55   
MMSE < 241.830.37–9.030.45   
Postoperative morbidity3.260.66–16.050.13   
  1. OR Odds ratio, mFFC Modified Fried’s Frailty Criteria, mFI–11 Modified Frailty Index–11, CCI Charlson Comorbidity Index, MUST Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool, MMSE Mini Mental State Examination