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Table 5 Occult abdominal/pelvic injuries

From: Cross-sectional imaging of the torso reveals occult injuries in asymptomatic blunt trauma patients

Normal abdominal PE with abnormal CT A/PNumber (%)
Bowel wall thickening2 (0.15)
Free air2 (0.15)
Liver I–III21 (1.6)
Liver IV5 (0.38)
Liver V2 (0.15)
Mesenteric stranding6 (0.45)
Pelvic fracture235 (17.7)
Renal contusion1 (0.07)
Renal laceration4 (0.30)
Spleen I–II18 (1.35)
Spleen III6 (0.45)
Spleen IV–V7 (0.52)
Suspicious small bowel injury2 (0.15)
Total A/P injuries311 (23.4)
Total abnormal CT A/P309 (23.2)
Total abdominal injuries excluding pelvis76 (5.7)
  1. CT A/P Computed tomography of abdomen/pelvis, PE Physical exam
  2. Total number of patients with normal A/P PE with CT A/P = 1331