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Table 4 Emergency surgery in COVID-19 + cases

From: Emergency general surgery in Italy during the COVID-19 outbreak: first survey from the real life

Surgical interventions in COVID-19+No4867.6
Indications to surgery1Very urgent diseases21622.5
Urgent diseases31115.5
Elective oncologic surgery45.6
Surgical approachOnly laparoscopy57.0
Only open811.3
Open and laparoscopy1014.1
Comparison with the number of February–March 2019 emergency interventionsIncreased811.3
Unusual delay in presentation for urgent pathology4Yes2839.4
Increase in post-operative complication rateYes57.1
  1. 1In each center, more than 1 answer was reported
  2. 2For example, bowel perforations, diffuse peritonitis, and septic shock, hemorrhages with shock, bowel ischemia, and necrosis
  3. 3For example, acute appendicitis with localized peritonitis, acute cholecystitis, and obstruction
  4. 4For example, unusual high rate of acute gangrenous appendicitis, perforated cholecystitis, and stanched bowel perforation