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Table 3 Specifications per hospital

From: Using the Red Cross wound classification to predict treatment needs in children with conflict-related limb injuries: a retrospective database study

Hospital location Period of data collection Hospital opening date and closing date
Kao-I-Dang, Thailand Jan 1988–Sept 1992 1979–1993
Lopiding, Lokichogio, Kenya Mar 1988–Mar 2006 1987–2006
Kabul, Afghanistan Mar 1990–Jun 1992 1989–1992
Quetta, Pakistan Apr 1990–Aug 1996 1983–1996
Peshawar, Pakistan Jun 1990–Apr 1993 1981–1993
Feb 2009–May 2012 2009–2014
Mirwais, Kandahar, Afghanistan May 1996–Jun 1999 1996–still open
Novye Atagui, Russian Federation Sept 1996–Nov 1996 Sept 1996–Dec 1996
Goma, Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo Nov 2012–Oct 2014 2012–still open