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Table 3 Univariate logistic regression for factors predictive of failure in NOM

From: Penetrating renal injuries: an observational study of non-operative management and the impact of opening Gerota’s fascia

Characteristic Univariate logistic regression p-value
Age 1.0
GSW 0.55
AAST grade
 I 1.0
 II 0.532
 III 0.774
 IV 0.714
High-grade injury (III–V) 0.55
SBP < 90 1.0
HR > 100 0.53
ISS 0.94
Lactate 0.87
Gross hematuria 0.65
pH 0.11
  1. SBP Systolic Blood Pressure, HR Heart Rate, ISS injury severity score, AAST American Association for the Surgery of Trauma, GSW Gunshot Wound. High-grade injuries were defined as AAST grade III, IV, and V injuries