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  1. Laparoscopy has became as the preferred surgical approach to a number of different diseases because it allows a correct diagnosis and treatment at the same time. In abdominal emergencies, both components of tr...

    Authors: Ferdinando Agresta, Luigi Francesco Ciardo, Giorgio Mazzarolo, Ivan Michelet, Guido Orsi, Giuseppe Trentin and Natalino Bedin
    Citation: World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2006 1:9
  2. There is still confusion and controversy over the diagnosis and optimal surgical treatment of non traumatic terminal ileal perforation-a cause of obscure peritonitis.

    Authors: Rauf A Wani, Fazl Q Parray, Nadeem A Bhat, Mehmood A Wani, Tasaduq H Bhat and Fowzia Farzana
    Citation: World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2006 1:7
  3. The consequence of the low rate of penetrating injuries in Europe and the increase in non-operative management of blunt trauma is a decrease in surgeons' confidence in managing traumatic injuries has led to th...

    Authors: Gregorio Tugnoli, Sergio Ribaldi, Marco Casali, Stefano M Calderale, Massimo Coletti, Marco Alifano, Sergio N Forti Parri, Silvia Villani, Andrea Biscardi, M Chiara Giordano and Franco Baldoni
    Citation: World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2006 1:5
  4. The management of penetrating abdominal stab wounds has been the subject of continued reappraisal and controversy. In the present study a novel method which combines the use of diagnostic laparoscopy and DPL, ...

    Authors: Michael M Krausz, Benyamine Abbou, Dan D Hershko, Ahmad Mahajna, Daniel S Duek, Bishara Bishara and Shlomo H Israelit
    Citation: World Journal of Emergency Surgery 2006 1:3