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Archived Comments for: Pelvic radiography in ATLS algorithms: A diminishing role?

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  1. Role of routine CT scan in pelvic fractures - an cost effective essential tool?

    JOHN GRIFSON, jipmer ,INDIA.

    18 September 2009

    Pelvic fractures account for only 3-8% of all fractures in polytrauma patients.However the mortality remains high (15-20%)(1).Most of the patients who present with unstable fractures have positive finding on pelvic examination.These patients with unstable fractures will require surgical stabilization.Rest of those who present with stable fractures will rarely require surgery if there are any associated injuries.Therefore the role of routine pelvic radiography in trauma has been questioned(2).Therefore CT scan will remain a cost effective tool if reserved for patients in whom associated injuries are suspected on clinical basis.

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    2)Unnecessary use of pelvic x-ray in blunt trauma.: J Trauma. 1995 Oct;39(4):722-5.

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