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Table 1 A summary of reported cases of MLL in children

From: Morel-lavallee lesion in children

Patient Age/sex Etiology Site Duration from injury to development of symptom Symptoms and sign Associated fracture Associated condition Treatment Complication Reference
1 6/M Crush under automible Lateral lumbar Unknown   Pelvic fracture Bladder neck rupture Conservative treatments (-) Harma et al. [22]
2 14/M Crush under automible Lumbo-sacral Unknown   Pelvic, femur fracture Perianal soft tissue injury Debridement and local flap Sacral decubitus ulcer Harma et al. [22]
3 14/M Unknown R greater trochanter Unknown Swelling, discomfort, soft tissue mass (-) (-) Elastic compression bandage (-) Mukherjeee et al. [12]
4 13/M Motorvehicle collision R hip Immediate   L ulnar fracture, R knee subluxation L knee laceration, L hand degloving injury Debridement and dead space closure   Carlson et al. [19]
5 13/M Motorvehicle collision Presacral Immediate   R iliac wing, bilateral anterior ramus, femur, R tibia, fibular fracture L pulmonary contusion Debridement and dead space closure   Carlson et al. [19]
6 12/M ATV accident L thigh 2 wks Swelling, blister    Aspiration and sclerodesis with Sotradechol foam injection and doxycycline (-) Choudhary et al. [38]
7 11/M Football L knee 2 wks Pain, bruise, open blister, nonfluctuant mass    Compressive dressing and physical theraphy (-) Anakweze et al. [17]
8 14/M Blunt trauma Lumbar area 2 hrs Voluminous swelling, bruising    Open drainage (-) Efrimescu at el. [21]
  1. Abbreviations: R right, L left, wks weeks, hrs hours.