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Table 2 Risk bias assessment of eligible studies

From: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials of delayed primary wound closure in contaminated abdominal wounds

Author Domains
  Sequence generation Allocation concealment Blinding Incomplete outcome data Selective outcome report Others sources of bias
Pettigrew[24] Yes Yes No Yes Yes No*
Tsang[23] No No No Yes Yes Yes
Cohn[26] Unclear Unclear No Yes Yes Yes
Chatwiriya-charoen[[25] No No No Yes Yes Yes
Lahat[17] No No No Yes Yes Yes
Duttaroy[7] Unclear Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Chiang[16] No No No Yes Yes Yes
Khan[18] Yes Unclear No Yes Yes Yes
  1. Yes = Low risk of bias.
  2. No = High risk of bias.
  3. Unclear = Uncertain risk of bias.
  4. *Unbalanced in gangrenous appendicitis between comparison arms.