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Table 3 Operative Procedures

From: A historical review of surgery for peritonitis secondary to acute colonic diverticulitis: from Lockhart-Mummery to evidence-based medicine

Conservative: perforated colon retained in peritoneal cavity  
 1. Suture of perforation  
 2. Drainage  
 3. Transverse colostomy  
 4. Caecostomy  
 5. Any combination of 1–4  
Radical: perforated colon eliminated from peritoneal cavity  
 1. No resection  
  • Exteriorization  
 2. Resection  
  a. Without anastomosis  
   • Hartmann’s procedure  
   • Sigmoid resection with mucous fistula  
   • Paul-Mickulicz procedure  
  b. With anastomosis  
   • Without defunctioning stoma  
   • With defunctioning stoma