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Table 1 Cost and QALY data

From: Acute care surgery: a means for providing cost-effective, quality care for gallstone pancreatitis

Cost Value Source
Outpatient laparoscopic cholecystectomy $1389 Avg direct cost (OCCP)
Inpatient open cholecystectomy $10,423 Avg direct cost (OCCP)
Inpatient laparoscopic cholecystectomy $4349 Avg direct cost (OCCP)
ERCP $839 Avg direct cost (OCCP)
Ultrasound abdomen $356 Avg direct cost (OCCP)
CT abdomen $491 Avg direct cost (OCCP)
ER visit acute cholecystitis $286 Avg direct cost (OCCP)
Hospital admission cost per daya $776 Derived from OCCP data
Surgeon fee $478 2011 OMA SOB
Anesthesia unit fee $15.01 2011 OMA SOB
Cholecystectomy units 7 + time units 2011 OMA SOB
QALY—health states Value Source
No biliary disease 1  
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy 0.91 Bass, et. al. 1993 [30]
Recurrent biliary colic 0.8 Cook, et. al. 1993 [29]
Open cholecystectomy 0.77 Bass, et. al. 1993 [30]
Acute pancreatitis 0.44 Cook, et. al. 1993 [29]
Death 0  
  1. OCCP Ontario Case Costing Program 2011 values, OMA SOB Ontario Medical Association Schedule of Benefits
  2. aIncludes indirect costs related to hospital admission