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Table 2 Risk factors for specific phenotypes of AMI

From: Acute mesenteric ischemia: guidelines of the World Society of Emergency Surgery

  Pathogenesis of AMI
Acute mesenteric arterial embolism Acute mesenteric arterial thrombosis NOMI Mesenteric venous thrombosis
Risk factors Atrial fibrillation Recent MI cardiac thrombi
Mitral valve disease
Left ventricular aneurysm
Previous embolic disease
Diffuse atherosclerotic disease
Postprandial pain
Weight loss
Cardiac failure
Low flow states
Multi-organ dysfunction
Portal hypertension History of VTE
Oral contraceptives
Estrogen use
Thrombophilia pancreatitis
  1. AMI acute mesenteric ischemia, NOMI non-occlusive mesenteric ischemia, MI myocardial infarction, VTE venous thromboembolism