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Table 1 Questions for the consensus conference and key words

From: 2017 WSES and SICG guidelines on acute calcolous cholecystitis in elderly population

Questions Key words
1) Diagnosis: which test for elderly? Acute calculus cholecystitis, diagnosis, elderly patients, frailty patients
2) How to establish the right balance between pro and cons for surgery in elderly patients with acute calculus cholecystitis? Frailty, elderly, high-risk patients, score, measurement, acute calculus cholecystitis
3) Which is the most appropriate timing and the most appropriate surgical technique for elderly? Acute calculus cholecystitis, surgery, laparoscopy, timing, early, delayed, indexed admission
4) Alternative treatments in case of reduced benefit from surgery in elderly: is there a role for percutaneous cholecystostomy? Acute calculus cholecystitis, biliary drainage, percutaneous gallbladder drainage, cholecystostomy, high-risk patients, no-surgery
5) Associated biliary tree stones: which test for suspicion, which treatment, when to treat it? Acute calculous cholecystitis, biliary duct stone, Endoscopic ultrasound, MRI, ERCP, score, guidelines
6) Antibiotic: which schedule for treatment? Acute calculus s cholecystitis, antibiotic