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Table 3 Search syntax

From: Timing of repair and mesh use in traumatic abdominal wall defects: a systematic review and meta-analysis of current literature

Database Syntax Hits
#1 OR (#2 AND #3 AND #4)
#1: ((((((((TAWH[Title/Abstract]) OR TAWHs[Title/Abstract]) OR “Handlebar hernia”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Handlebar hernias”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Handlebar herniation”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Handlebar herniations”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Handlebar injury”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Handlebar injuries”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Handlebar trauma”[Title/Abstract]
138 hits
#2: (((((((((Trauma[Title/Abstract]) OR (wounds and injuries[MeSH Terms])) OR Traumatic[Title/Abstract]) OR Posttraumatic[Title/Abstract]) OR “Seat belt”[Title/Abstract]) OR seat belts[MeSH Terms]) OR Seatbelt[Title/Abstract]) OR Seatbelts[Title/Abstract]) OR “Seat-belt”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Seat-belts”[Title/Abstract]
955.720 hits
#3: ((((((((“Abdominal wall”[Title/Abstract]) OR abdominal wall[MeSH Terms]) OR “Abdominal-wall”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Abdominal fascia”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Abdominal muscle”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Abdominal muscles”[Title/Abstract]) OR abdominal muscles[MeSH Terms]) OR “Abdominal musculature”[Title/Abstract]) OR “Abdominal wall musculature”[Title/Abstract]
33.657 hits
#4: (((((((((((((((((Hernia[Title/Abstract]) OR Hernias[Title/Abstract]) OR hernia, abdominal[MeSH Terms]) OR hernia, ventral[MeSH Terms]) OR hernia, inguinal[MeSH Terms]) OR Herniation[Title/Abstract]) OR Herniations[Title/Abstract]) OR Avulsion[Title/Abstract]) OR Avulsions[Title/Abstract]) OR Defect[Title/Abstract]) OR Defects[Title/Abstract]) OR Disruption[Title/Abstract]) OR Disruptions[Title/Abstract]) OR Injury[Title/Abstract]) OR Injuries[Title/Abstract]) OR Rupture[Title/Abstract]) OR Ruptures[Title/Abstract]) OR Hernia[MeSH Terms]
1.238.152 hits
(#1 OR (#2 AND #3 AND #4)) AND [embase]/lim
#1: ‘traumatic abdominal wall hernia’:ab,ti OR ‘traumatic abdominal wall hernias’:ab,ti OR tawh:ab,ti OR tawhs:ab,ti OR ‘handlebar hernia’:ab,ti OR ‘handlebar hernias’:ab,ti OR ‘handlebar herniation’:ab,ti OR ‘handlebar herniations’:ab,ti
165 hits
#2: trauma:ab,ti OR traumatic:ab,ti OR posttraumatic:ab,ti OR handlebar:ab,ti OR ‘seat belt’:ab,ti OR ‘seat belts’:ab,ti OR seatbelt:ab,ti OR seatbelts:ab,ti OR ‘seat-belt’:ab,ti OR ‘seat-belts’:ab,ti
435.730 hits
#3: ‘abdominal wall’:ab,ti OR ‘abdominal wall’/exp OR ‘abdominal-wall’:ab,ti OR ‘abdominal fascia’:ab,ti OR ‘abdominal muscle’:ab,ti OR ‘abdominal muscles’:ab,ti OR ‘abdominal musculature’:ab,ti OR ‘abdominal wall musculature’/exp
47.282 hits
#4: hernia:ab,ti OR hernias:ab,ti OR ‘abdominal wall hernia’/exp OR herniation:ab,ti OR herniations:ab,ti OR defect:ab,ti OR defects:ab,ti OR disruption:ab,ti OR disruptions:ab,ti OR injury:ab,ti OR injuries:ab,ti OR rupture:ab,ti OR ruptures:ab,ti
1.666.090 hits
#1 OR (#2 AND #3 AND #4)
#1: tawh:ti,ab OR tawhs:ti,ab OR “handlebar hernia”:ti,ab OR “handlebar hernias”:ti,ab OR “handlebar herniation”:ti,ab OR “handlebar herniations”:ti,ab OR “handlebar injury”:ti,ab OR “handlebar injuries”:ti,ab OR “handlebar trauma”:ti,ab
0 hits
#2: trauma:ti,ab or traumatic:ti,ab or posttraumatic:ti,ab or handlebar:ti,ab or “seat belt”:ti,ab or “seat belts”:ti,ab or seatbelt:ti,ab or seatbelts:ti,ab or seat-belt:ti,ab or seat-belts:ti,ab
17.029 hits
#3: “abdominal wall”:ti,ab or abdominal-wall:ti,ab or “abdominal fascia”:ti,ab or “abdominal muscle”:ti,ab or “abdominal muscles”:ti,ab or “abdominal musculature”:ti,ab or “abdominal wall musculature”:ti,ab or “anterior abdominal”:ti,ab or flank:ti,ab or lumbar:ti,ab or inguinal:ti,ab or groin:ti,ab or spigeli:ti,ab or spigelian:ti,ab
15.442 hits
#4: hernia:ti,ab or hernias:ti,ab or herniation:ti,ab or herniations:ti,ab or defect:ti,ab or defects:ti,ab or disruption:ti,ab or disruptions:ti,ab or injury:ti,ab or injuries:ti,ab or rupture:ti,ab or ruptures:ti,ab
45.835 hits