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Table 9 Multivariate analysis of variables associated with death

From: Injury patterns and causes of death in 953 patients with penetrating abdominal war wounds in a civilian independent non-governmental organization hospital in Lashkargah, Afghanistan

VariableOdd ratio95% confidence interval
Age > 342.451.54–3.91
Mine injury5.691.81–17.82
Bullet injury1.981.21–3.21
Length of hospital stay0.970.95–0.99
Inferior vena cava injury4.721.53–14.59
Bladder injury3.311.32–8.31
Duodenum injury2.611.06–6.41
Transverse colon injury4.012.19–7.35
Right colon injury2.861.71–4.79
Portal vein injury8.621.13–65.50
Associated injuries (Y/N)3.402.19–5.28
Time since injury > 5 h1.861.20–2.88
Injury severity score > 176.9216.29–97.1