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Table 1 Characteristics of the patients managed with lung tract packing

From: A clinical series of packing the wound tract for arresting traumatic hemorrhage from injuries of the lung parenchyma as a feasible damage control technique

CaseAgeSexMecISSLung AISThoracic lesionsExtra thoracic lesionsReopOutcomeNumber of bleeding sources
120MGSW255ML, RIL1Live2
219MSW194LSL, LILSubclavian artery1Death3
336MGSW254LSL, LIL, BTWSpinal cord injury1Live3
421MGSW753RILLiver grade VI, colon grade II, SB grade IV1Live3
  1. Mec, trauma mechanism; ISS, injury severity score; AIS, abbreviated injury score; Reop, number of reoperations; M, male; GSW, gunshot wound; SW, stab wound; ML, middle lobe; RIL, right inferior lobe; LSL, left superior lobe; LIL, left inferior lobe; BTW bleeding thoracic wall; SB, small bowel