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Table 3 Ninety-day survival, forward conditional multivariate analysis

From: Open necrosectomy in acute pancreatitis–obsolete or still useful?

Risk factorOR (95% CI)P
Age > 60 years19.355 (2.466–151.593)0.005
Any co-morbidity*16.869 (1.981–143.633)0.010
Indication of necrosectomy: deterioration/prolonged organ failure10.421 (1.572–69.080)0.015
Necrosectomy < 28 days from symptom onset6.480 (1.280–32.812)0.024
Multiple organ failure12.159 (1.155–127.981)0.038
Preoperative WBC count ≥ 23.021.442 (3.162–145.392)0.002
  1. Cut-off value for entry into multivariate analysis was P < 0.010 in Additional file 2
  2. CI confidence interval, WBC white blood cell
  3. *Any of the comorbidities presented in univariate analysis of all patients (Additional file 2)
  4. At least two of the following organ failures within 24 h of first necrosectomy: Cardiovascular, respiratory or renal
  5. WBC count expressed as 1 × 109/L. One WBC count was not taken 24 h prior to operation, and thus, the last available WBC count prior to first necrosectomy was used