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Table 3 Comparison of secondary outcome measures

From: Randomized control trial comparing an Alvarado Score-based management algorithm and current best practice in the evaluation of suspected appendicitis

 Intervention arm
(n = 80)
Usual care arm
(n = 80)
P value
Missed diagnosis0 (0.0)0 (0.0) 
Histological-proven appendicitis among the subjects who had surgery*28 (87.5)27 (90.0)0.866
Negative appendectomy among the subjects who had surgery*4 (12.5)3 (10)0.926
Length of stay in days   
 Median (range)2 (1–14)2 (0–13)0.705
Gross cost of stay (S$)   
 Median (range)3973 (2092–26009)3703 (1724–27321)0.886
  1. *Percentages calculated using number of patients who underwent surgery in each arm (32 in intervention arm, 30 in the control arm) as denominator