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Table 1 Demographic and clinical data of patient cohorts and adult controls

From: Trauma induced clotting factor depletion in severely injured children: a single center observational study

DemographicsMean, median, or %SD/IQRMean, median, or %SD/IQRp*Mean, median, or %SD/IQRp*
Age, year961150.30409< 0.001
Sex (male)75.0% 62.5% 1.0070,0% 1.00
Isolated TBI12.5% 25.0% 1.00   
Survival87.5% 100% 1.00   
ISS2519-2854-6< 0.001   
PTT (sec)26.724.1-34.626.025.0-28.50.8828.826.6-31.00.57
Hemoglobin (g/dl)11.89.9-12.612.911.5-13.60.1114.913.8-15.6n/a
  1. The demographic and clinical data of severely injured children (SI, n = 8) were compared with those of children with minor injury (MI, n = 8) and an adult control group (CO, n = 10). Age is given as mean value with standard deviation (SD) whereas male sex, isolated traumatic brain injury (TBI), and survival rate are demonstrated as percentages. All other variables represent median values together with interquartile range (IQR, 25th to 75th percentile)
  2. n/a not applicable
  3. *Independent-samples t test (age), Fisher’s Exact test (sex, isolated TBI, survival), and Mann-Whitney U test versus SI